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25 years of experience

Export sale and counselling

We offer proper technical counselling to distributors, installers and end users as well in relation to perimeter security systems. Contact us if you are interested in selling our products, if you would like to secure an existing location or area or if you need advice.

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Rental of perimeter security system

We provide rental services either as a transitional perimeter security solution – e.g. around the area of a construction site – or for long term instead of manpower security services. We are able to provide security cost efficiently by means of quickly installable battery-operated microwave motion detectors (we suggest that maximum the area of 100×100 metres should be protected by each set). With a fully charged battery the basic set operates for 10 days, but insofar as rental duration is longer, extra battery and photovoltaic charging units can be added to the system. Upon alarm, the built-in transmitter sends notification to multiple users via the application. If you plan to change manpower security but you do not intend or are unable to invest into the installation of a complete perimeter security system, please contact us. We offer cost efficient, professional and long-term rental constructions for our systems.

Designing, installation

We undertake to design, install and maintain complete perimeter protection systems. In case buried intrusion detection sensors are installed, we cooperate with a professional gardening company the experts of which remove soil and deal with the lawn and plants. We offer quick and precise work and provide a long-term guarantee (it can be up to 20 years depending on the products).



We undertake to service products distributed by us. Our expert team engages in electronical as well
as mechanical repairs.

If our solutions have sparked your interest, contact us!