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Executive director’s greetings

Welcome, dear visitor!
I am Zoltan SZILAGYI, the head of Zmax Ltd. I have been working in security business for more than 25 years, and since 2007 I have been focusing on a special field, the perimeter security. As a representative of our own developer companies and an expert of foreign manufacturers I have travelled around the world and took part in projects like the 1,000-kilometre border protection of Turkmenistan, and securing Sao Paulo’s strategical water supply and its airport. During my career I negotiated with ministers of interior and that of defence of numerous African countries and I had the opportunity to join delegations to Central-Asian countries. Due to my experience gained in the field of border protection I was asked to check the electronic signalling systems at certain parts of the Turkish-Syrian border and to fix errors. I have designed and supplied perimeter detectors to be placed around villas of famous stars and billionaire businessmen – from South-America to Egypt – and detection systems to the fencing of hundreds of oil wells in Venezuela. Zmax ont he basis of my experience gained in the last ten years in the field of perimeter security. The company manufactures and distributes only equipment which in my experience have corresponded perfectly to the expected quality and technical conditions in international projects as well. Several perimeter security equipments are available around the world, among which there are exceptionally good products. However, not even the best sensor will work perfectly if the seller or the installer has no experience in placing and fitting it into the system. Perimeter security within the field of security is a difficult area dotted with challenges. Thus, some good companies and security technology experts do not like dealing with such assignments – for me, this is life.

Szilágyi Zoltán
executive manager


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Security Technology

About Us


Site survey

Our specialists are ready to visit any places for site survey and find the best perimeter solution for your needs.


System planning

Our experienced engineers design and plan the suitable security system for any challenge

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Complete system installation

Wheter its a big company with hundreds of sites or a small garden – our professional installation team makes a quick and quality job.

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We provide detailed technical trainings of all outdoor equipments and detectors, but if you need help during your first installation – our colleagues are ready for that.



We offer full guarantee both for our products (2-20 years) and our installations.

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Perimeter security systems provide the protection of your facilities, therefor the periodical maintenance of all detectors and equipments are really important. We provide several maintenance packages to our customers.


Development and manufacturing

We are the only Hungarian company which develops and manufacture special outdoor detectors. We are proud of all the devices we sold all over the World.

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The equipments and solutions used in outdoor protection are very diverse

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